Extra Embarassing Day

The most embarassing thing that I ever do at Shine is to stack it whilst walking up our stairs (inside the school) – whilst there are parents and students nearby asking me if I’m okay, whilst trying to hold in their laughter. For the first time since 2007 when I received training whilst working here at Shine, I did the unbelievable – I went outside to hang out our Shine doorbell (the one we press when the green gate shuts) and FORGOT to take the remote to open the garage door (the one that lets me get back into the school). Amidst everything I was doing, I heard the green gate CLANG shut so instinctively I grabbed the doorbell and rushed outside. The moment I had turned the corner to walk down the driveway, I realised I was missing something. The green gate hadn’t completely shut closed so I RAN for my life back – only to have it shut just as another Chinese lady went “Awww” and watched me stand there – staring at the shut door.

The phone I was holding was useless – I had no reception and despite my wonderful memory, I have not yet memorised any of our teacher’s phone numbers. Thinking I’d be stuck outside until the next student finished and walked out to save me, I saw through the gate the very same Chinese lady who had watched the door shut on the both of us walk across the stairway! Immediately I ran to the other entrance on O’Connell Street, which was thankfully open and strolled back into the school like I had just gone out to hang the doorbell. Except, of course, I was still holding the doorbell. The second time around I remembered the remote.

Note to front desk girls – always carry your own mobile phone that has stored at least 2 of the 6 teachers that are present on your shifts! Or…you could just not forget the remote!

Another queer thing that happened today was noticing that a lot of the students and parents were looking downwards at me when I would get up from the front desk (whether it be to photocopy, walk upstairs, walk outside, etc.). Paranoid – I thought that for some unlucky reason my fly was undone, so I sneakily walked to the toilet to check. After checking my fly was done – I sat back down, puzzled. Checking my theory, I got back up and had the same student look downwards again. I had a look down and realised she was looking at my shoes =)

Something to create further embarassment for me today was to have my first ever ‘special delivery’ of flowers – luckily it was at the start of the day, just when there were no students and parents to ask questions (only William to laugh at me).


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