Busy Periods

On some Saturdays, the rush of new students coming in for their first lesson has been so intense that we have had to have TWO front desk girls in at the school – Jane and I have sat side by side at the front desk, going about our business as we usually do, only until the sudden rush begins. Suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook with new families lost and wandering outside, whilst first-lesson students are finished but wanting to ask questions and sign up – this is when team power kicks in and suddenly me and Jane are coordinating who does what without even talking to each other! I guess we never even had the time to blog about what had happened during those busy periods because we were just that – too busy!

Today however, I had a slightly busy period on my own. This ‘busy’-ness was created mainly by a young boy who was keeping me company whilst waiting for his mother – during phone calls he would be asking me questions, whilst I am typing on the computer he would stand next to me and whisper things in my ear or sit in front of me and give me reasons why he is bored whilst continually asking me for food…At the end of the longest 30 minutes of my life, he had found another friend to play with until they had to leave – the new little boy shouted out to his friend “Come over to my house sometime and we will play!” Their cuteness at parting made up for the busy little period he had created.


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