Happy Birthday~~

Happy Birthday to you~~~~~today is Jane’s birthday! For those of you who haven’t met Jane yet, she is usually here on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon, and all day on Saturdays! Of course as it is her birthday today, I am sitting here taking her place. I don’t usually come in on a Tuesday shift, and I have had to confirm with each student who walks in (or guess by the instrument they are holding) what their name is.

Just before walking into Shine today, I noticed that a Korean black bean soy drink I had been carrying in my bag had leaked out onto my cardigan. I quickly disposed of the drink only to find that it had already leaked ALL across the bottom of my bag, drenching itself into everything in my bag. For anyone here tonight who has been wondering what this slight milk-ish smell has been – it is me, wearing my only cardigan that was wet in soy milk. Despite the soggy feeling today, I had the pleasure of meeting one of our new talented teachers, Sarah. She not only teaches piano, but violin AND the flute! I panicked today, when a new student was signing up for violin (I thought Sarah only taught the piano) – thinking that we had made a mistake and booked her in at the wrong time. After being told that she is qualified to teach 3 totally different instruments, I was shocked and in awe. Sarah’s teaching methods are slightly different to other teachers, which allows her to teach even 4 year old children who can’t read the alphabet!


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