The strings family

Since we now offer cello and viola lessons in addition to violin lessons, I thought I’d introduce you all to these two new instruments and how they differ to the popular violin and other string instruments in the string family. And maybe you’ll  even develop a spark of interest!

The strings family consists of the violin, viola, cello and the double bass. The bodies of the string instruments are all made of wood, which are hollow inside so that the sound will vibrate within them, but it is actually the strings that make the sounds of the instrument. They are usually made of  nylon, steel or sometimes gut. The strings are played most often by drawing a bow across them.

The violin is the smallest instrument of the violin which gives the highest pitch as well. It is the most popular instrument in the family due to its transportable size and it’s high pitch which is suitable for most melodies. It is played with the instrument under the chin while sitting or standing. As you all know the violin is usually the first choice for a musician who wants to learn a string instrument. Violin is also very popular with us here too!

The viola is slightly larger than the violin but very similar in posture and technique. However it does produce a more rich and warm sound than violin as well as a lower pitch. It still plays a vital part of the ochestra although not as popular as the violin. Our violin teacher, Bridget also experts in viola!

Now the cello is slightly different to the violin and viola. It is a much larger instrument (around 4 feet long) and must be played while sitting and placing it between the knees and with it’s thicker stringd it can make a wide variety of tones, from warm low pitches to bright higher notes. Fortunately they can be made for students of all sizes! Bridget also teaches the cello!

Last of all we have the double bass, it is the largest of the family (around 6 feet long) and due to its size you must sit down or sit on a tall stool to play it! They also have the longest strings which allows it to play very low notes. They also play the widest range of music, from classical to jazz. But we don’t offer lessons on this instrument as of now!

You can see that the double bass and cello are much bigger in size than the violin and viola – and even compared to the guitar! Although the guitar is not part of the string family – it’s just there for a comparison in the picture!


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