There are no nice saxophone jokes!

It’s  been a while since I’ve worked on a Thursday…Normally Janet would be here manning the front desk, but we’ve swapped shifts for this week!

I’ve just been looking through the timetable..and I must say, our woodwind teacher Wayne is a very very busy bee!  He starts lessons from 2:30pm – 8:30pm….non-stop!!

I’ve been listening to the wonderful jazzy music coming from his room, and it got me thinking back..way back to high school when I was learning the flute, and how awkward it was at the beginning.  I had been learning the piano and violin since I was young, never having to use my diaphragm for anything other than… than breathing exercises for (ahem* yoga) at school for PDHPE.  So when I picked up the flute, the teacher told me all these things to do…use my diaphragm…and I thinking there was something about rolling my lips..or some hoo ha…anyways….having to constantly breathe into the instrument was hard work!

Anyways! getting back to the point…having to constantly be breathing into a woodwind instrument for 6 hours straight! has got to take a crazy amount of stamina and extreme dedication….:)


Reason for the title of this blog…”there are no nice saxophone jokes”…I was searching google for some jokes about the saxophone…and after alot of searching..i have no found a single one…! 😦 have a look for yourself…


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