Voting…and Earth Hour

Saturdays..a great day for sleeping in……

not for me unfortunately..i’m here bright eyed and bushy tailed…..well not really….I’m still waking up by the time I get here….:(

Well today…the 26th of March is voting day…many are stuck lining up to vote for the state election…I voted early this time to avoid the grumpy people on Saturday morning…and it was relatively quiet that afternoon, not many people around, and you know the people lining outside the office handing out pamplet..well they spotted me and swarmed towards me!…I was so overwhelmed with the tonne of pamplets they shoved into my hands…I had to take all of them..I’d feel really guilty if I didn’t take one from one person and take one from another….so yes..that is my experience…


And today is Earth day!  Switch off your lights from 8:30 – 9:30pm!  Turning off the lights for an hour won’t necessarily stop climate change or whatever it is that ails our planet, but it gives us all a chance to reflect on a pressing fact: our planet needs help.


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