Yay! I’m back!

yay! I’m back! After taking Tuesday off last week, I had forgotten about all the fun I normally have with the students! The shift starts off with 3 sisters, 2 of whom learn the piano and 1 (still a baby) so cute!!…followed by a rush of girls from..um I’m not sure which school they go to, but they’ve all got the same uniform..actually I think it’s St Pats in Parramatta….:) They all start to gossip about what happened in the playground, and I can’t help but join in!  The mums are already stressing about the NAPLAN tests, which are coming up towards the second half of this year, and how to prepare their kids for it.

After 5pm, the school goes quiet……hahaha I’d like to say that the students after 5 are a little bit more well behaved than those before 5…but that would be mean…:P

Well it’s 5:05pm as I am writing this…and the sitting room is completely empty!…All I can hear are the piano, violin and singing students…..*sigh*



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