I’m back….again!

Phew* I’m back again..this time on a Wednesday.  Cindy’s taking a day off because she has an exam tomorrow…poor thing:( good luck cindy!!

I haven’t been here on a Wednesday…well since the end of last year….i think? and boy is it different to my other days!…it’s sooo quiet…unbelievable quiet!….

haha I think it might be because most of the students are teens or adults today…but I’m so used to the shouting across the sitting room..little kids crowding around my desk..pulling up a chair or sitting on the bin (ahem* mr joshy on fridays!) to colour in the newsletter competitions! or draw robots and rainbows..but sadly no..not today… (Cindy must be so bored..because there’s no entertainment 😛 ) Fridays especially…I’m always quieting laughing because someone’s getting into trouble with their mum for being naughty….or a student quickly finishing their homework so they won’t get into trouble with their teacher…etc etc etc…always something new going on..

Anyways! Today I caught up with a few students, who came on Tuesdays last year, but moved to Wednesdays this term.  It was great to see some familiar faces…..one in particular..Beverley, an adult violin student! She was surprised  when she saw me sitting here! I haven’t seen her in such a long time…:) it was great to hear how she’s doing.  Another student, Erfan, well it’s his last day today because he’s returning to Iran! His parents are finishing off their PHD..and so they’re moving..sad:( but it was great to see him and his mum before they left.  Here’s a pic of him:

and I met someone new today! She’s a guitar student..and when I was walking up the stairs (after opening the door for her) I couldn’t help but notice her backstreet boys t-shirt….so I asked her whether she went to their concert last yr…and she did!

I couldn’t help but mention my crazy friend, who with another friend of ours, camped outside the Wynyard Ticketmaster office the night before to buy tickets for the backstreet boys concert! I know what you’re all thinking..crazy right? ahahaha..yes..slightly:P…well it paid off! She got 3rd row seats..and she was telling me…when Nick Carter reached out to the crowd…she was trying to touch him..and knowing her..she was probably flailing her arms around like a nut! and accidentally slapped him..in the face!….hahahaha!!


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