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Wow – have you seen some of the recent blogs? If you are reading this one, and you answered no – STOP! Go back and read some of the earlier ones (By the other Shine front desk girls of course). They are filled with such happiness and joy – interesting little stories, while today has me cringing and racking my brains for something interesting and EXTRA-ordinary. At the end of the term, it is time for the invoicing of lessons for next term. And BOY are there a lot of people who decide to start lessons at the exact start of each term, and continue to do so. I like it during the term when there are only a couple of students each day ~ those who decided to commence lessons randomly during the term, or had a few weeks to think about it before signing up at Shine! This end-of-the-term period has be chock-a-block printing out invoices, folding them, stamping them, and posting them off! Our ‘Shine Music School’ stamp has been somewhat dying on me over the last term – so I am quite a funny sight when I stand up and put ALL of my body weight onto the stamp…imagine my surprise when William tells me you can just smash it once and*BAM* – a perfect imprint of our Shine stamp!For a change of mood… it is sad when some of our students have to take time off for awhile, especially those who have been here constantly for many years – a few of the students who are usually here on a Thursday night will be taking a break next term! I guess we will have to look forward to when they come back – and see how well everyone has progressed!


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