Holidays! La Di Da!!

Yay!!! holidays are only a week away!!

Since it’s the second last week before the holidays…its been crazy crazy busy at the front desk.. A few students aren’t able to come next week because they’re leaving early for the holidays…and the phone has been ringing off the hook!

This morning was so busy I could feel my head spinning.  Two girls were waiting to have their piano lesson and they were asking me a million questions and being a little bit noisy so to calm them down a bit, I asked whether they’d like to do some colouring!…Best idea ever!! It was so quiet!! But then the phone wouldn’t stop ringing!…:( and the door bell wouldn’t stop buzzing!…..phew* what a day!  At one point I had 5 kids and 1 parents crowding around the front desk coloring…..

But it’s a a lot more quiet now.  I can get some work done in peace:)


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