Farewell Mondays

Mondays have always been William’s day – for the past couple of years, the front desk girls have filled in on every other day except Mondays. However, the busy-hectic-ness of our newly renovated school as called for front desk girls to be needed on Mondays. For the past Term 1 of 2011, every Monday (except Valentine’s day) has seen me sitting here at the front desk, learning the names and faces of all the parents and students who find themselves here on a Monday afternoon for lessons. I have come to enjoy the long talks about anything and everything with the parents (in particular a few of the mums) whilst they sit here and wait. They have kept me company through the hours of the shift ~ entertaining me and providing useful information for my future (raising kids, dealing with the in-laws as well as the changes I could expect if I become a mother myself!!).

Carol (mother of Elaine and Mariejose) is just one of these mums whom I’ve had lovely conversations with ~ whilst today her son also kept us all entertained with his cheeky little giggles and his rather loud burp! Today we discussed the positives and negatives of high school education (selective vs. non-selective) and the pressures of children studying vs. participating in extra-curricular activities, as well as an in-depth into my own future! Its amazing how much I talk about my life to anyone who is willing to listen. I hope I can find people on Tuesday nights who will be like everyone I have grown rather fond of on Mondays!! Farewell Mondays for now…


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