I just experienced one of the funniest moments here at Shine! There was a small insect crawling around and the kids were getting quite scared. So I had a look at and and was just about to step on it when it just disappeared! So it was a cricket! Jumping all over the place in Shine Music! One of my funniest and most embarassing moments actually… I kind of ended up running around trying to step on it but of course it was too quick for me… until I finally strategically approached it from the other side and it’s life ended under the sole of my feet…. Sorry dear cricket I know you really enjoy dancing and jumping around to our lovely music here but maybe you can do that where you belong, not here with us, where the kids get scared easily !

Anyway, so the kids turned out be amused more than scared because the scene of myself hopping around with the cricket was just hysterical! I’m glad to have one of these types of memories for the time I’ve been here, so one day when I’m far away from Shine and I happen to walk by or hear some amazing person on the radio and recognise it was one of our students (haha!) I have a happy memory…. and that’s not actually too far away. I think I’ll only have a couple of weeks before our pathways depart, Im finding it incredibly hard to juggle uni life and work. Don’t worry! You’ll still hear from me in these two weeks !!


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