Black Hole

The Easter holidays are here and everybody is excited that school is on break! Well… mostly me…and ironically, I’m not even on holidays! I still have classes to attend until after the Easter break. But that doesn’t stop me from asking all of our students what they’ll be doing, where they’ll be going, how long they’ll be sleeping in, and what show bags they will be buying at the Easter Show!!!

*                                *                               *

It has been approximately 1 hour since I have written the paragraph and the state-of-mind has gone from excited and relaxed about the upcoming holidays, to panicked and crazy! For all of you who attend Shine, you may have noticed our two handsets – silver Uniden phones that we Front Desk girls answer in our chirpy voices. The reason for the two handsets is so that when one runs out of batteries, we can charge it while we have another to use at the front desk. Genius, right?

My not-so-genius brain has somehow misplaced the ONE fully-charged phone in the past hour. I have spent the last hour in spring-cleaning mode, trying to organise all of our folders and files before the holidays so that all is nice and neat when we come back. After focusing on this organising, I realised that the usually prominent phone that stands on the front desk in front of me was nowhere to be seen. Calmly I looked around the vicinity I was sitting – under the files and folders, inside the shelves and under the desk. I walked back into the bathroom, the back store room – by this stage I was slightly panicking. One of our students who was sitting and reading a book was raising his eyebrows at my weird movements until he heard me ask another student if they had seen the phone. Together we re-traced my steps and looked EVERYwhere – inside EVERY nook and cranny – even inside the bin! So, back to trying to maintain my cool and calm, I am sitting at the front desk in utter disbelief and wonder as to where on earth the phone could have gone. Our school is a black hole – I know that when I come across it (hopefully within the next 40 minutes), there will be the “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT’S where I left it!” and I won’t get into trouble!

Just to keep things calm, one of our cute little recorder students (Erica) came out during her class to perform for me and Gianel. After admiring and applauding her little performance,

I have to o back to keeping things spick and span (is that the right phrase?) and maintain order until I find this phone. Happy holidays everyone!!!


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