School’s OUT!

yay! today was the last day of term 1 for many of you lucky ducks!! holidays!!! woo hoo

While you guys are off galivanting in the U.S, the South Coast, Gold Coast or even in your backyard…the front desk girls will be “studying” like crazy for uni…:(

Its going to be two weeks of heaven for most of you!  Plenty of late nights, watching tv and eating icecream, or for some, lazying on the beach in Hawaii, getting a nice tan (don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!! ) … will all have plenty of stories to tell us when you get back!…can’t wait to hear them all!…I’ll be turning green with envy!…*sigh*

Have a fabulous Easter Holiday! Get a well deserved break from the stress of school, and come back rejuvenated…….to endure another term of primary school/high school….hehe!

Shine Music will be open during these holidays, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!! extra practice for the upcoming AMEB exam students…:) good luck all! and try to fit in some practice everyday!



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