Our Easter Egg Wall!!

I’m sure all of you have walked into Shine Music and seen our window of…well eggs!!

For our March Newsletter, we had a Design your own Easter egg competition, and well you can see for yourself, the response we got:)

We had so many beautiful and very creative entries, that it was almost impossible to choose a winner…but….Miss Dallas Owen! one of our very promising Violin students (only 6 years old!) was the winner.  She received a chocolate easter bunny as a prize!

She turned her easter egg into a violin!…she’s only 6 years old, and she had this amazing idea!…. i don’t think I had any brilliant ideas..when I was six….many..many many mannyyy years ago…hmmm…

Here is her entry:

and the egg also has little chicken feet under it!…so cute!!


Here are some other entries:

Beautiful aren’t they?

We’re got some very creative minds here at Shine Music:)

Congratulations Dallas!!!

Have a safe holidays everyone! I can’t wait to see you next term:) Happy Easter!  Don’t eat too many easter eggs!…your dentist won’t be happy…:P


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