Singing in the rain….la di da!

It’s been raining all day…and I’ve been contemplating what to write in today’s blog..since 8:47am this morning!!!…

Kaz, the drum teacher and Isabella (Piano teacher) were talking abot the Royal Wedding this morning about this hideous..yes…HIDEOUS hat they saw on TV worn by Beatrice (Daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergurson)!! they googled it for me..and oh my goodness…it’s like a mix between a beige spider and a dead tree….:S

Parents in the waiting room were talking non stop about the royal wedding last night/this morning!…..about how no matter what channel you switched to, it was all coverage on the wedding!!….hahaha the dads did not seem too happy, missing out on sports!!

Anyways…today a Piano accompanist has come in to accompany the violin students, in preparation for their AMEB exams on the 14th of May 2011!!!! there there*…..:)

One student, who’s in the practicing in the room right now is doing her 6th grade exam! ahhhhh!!!..and I was talking to William saying…”oh my gosh..can you believe that little girl is doing her 6th grade exam!! “..I said this thinking she was in year 8 or 9!!…and he answered back ” She’s in year 12…what do you mean little!”…..

This month’s newsletter competition is guess the teacher’s age….i wouldn’t get one answer right!!!…:(


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