Phew! What a busy day!

I haven’t had time to take a breath until now! It’s been jam packed today!  We’ve had quite a few trial students today, and along with them parents with their many questions (not a bad thing!)

Anyways it’s a very exciting time for us because we’re beginning to hear the results from the AMEB exams! So far our students have received a B, A and x2 A+!!!! woo hooo!! Go Team Shine!…:) so proud!! Janet and Bridget (violin and cello teacher) are there as moral support, and Bridget’s helping the kids tune their violins!  No major dramas (yet!)

The waiting room has been relatively quiet! Impossible right? Normally all the little kids would be jumping around, shouting across the room, but nope! As quiet as mice!  I’ve been keeping them occupied with colouring in pages, so they can sit down at the table that William won in the raffle, and colour away to their heart’s content!  Some of them are even hung up on the “art window” we have going! Come and have a look!  We’ve got a few Ariel’s from the Little Mermaid and some princesses!


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