It’s freezing outside!

Oh my gosh! it’s so cold outside! My teeth are clattering, and I can barely feel my hands and nose! haha i’m finding it a little difficult to type.

It was such a beautiful day when I started my shift at 2pm, but when it got to around 4:00pm/ 4:30pm…the weather just changed (for the worse!)…and now that it’s 7:48pm, it’s even colder…and I have to go outside to open the door for the students..:P

I’m work on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, and the waiting room is constantly filled with laughter, mums scolding their kids, kids making new friends while waiting for their lessons….but Monday are like a deserted country town compared to my other days! I can see a ball of hay just rolling past me and that creepy cow boy/country music playing in my know which song I’m talking about right?…*sigh*

I know I’ve been talking about the AMEB exams since…well the term started! but this will be my final blog about it (I promise!)..The exams were last Saturday and our students scored STELLAR results! We’re all so proud of them.  All their hard work paid off..and they did very very well.

Four students scored A+, three scored As, three scored B+, one scored B, and we’re still waiting on one more student for her results.  Congratulations guys:) You earned it!


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