The Witch Lady

Wow – seriously this has been the first time in what feels like weeks, that I have had time to sit down and write a blog! I’m feeling rather pleased with myself for being very efficient and getting through my rather large list of things to do for today!

*                                             *                                                *

This pleased feeling was interrupted by one of our younger children who quizzed me on my times tables. After rushing through my 5 times 1 through to 12 perfectly, he started shouting out 5 times 65! 5 times 24! Seeing my inability to reply straight away, he sang “you can’t do it!”. In an attempt to regain my confidence, I asked him if I could use pen and paper – only to which he shouted out “no”! before running off to his guitar lesson.  😦

Now that I can sit back and remember my day spent at the AMEB last Saturday, I will update you on how that day was  – watching all of our students come out with absolutely AMAZING marks! Unlike the other times where I waited at the AMEB alone, this time I was accompanied by our accompanist, Amy, and our new violin/cello teacher, Bridget! The three of us were there for the whole day – helping prep the exam students, speaking to the parents, and laughing at the notorious front desk lady. Her notoriety for enforcing AMEB rules – or ‘her rules’ as she called them. Some of these rules were reasonable – no food or drinks, whilst some were almost ridiculous – to go into the warm up room, students were allowed – no teachers, no accompanists, no parents, no instrument cases! Strictly 5 minutes per student were allowed – even when there was nobody else waiting this lady would run up to the room screaming “time! time!” and tell the student that time was up. Another rule was no opening of the ‘To The Teacher’ envelopes in the waiting room. When it was lunch hour for the examiners, one of our violin students was packing up in the empty waiting room. Because there was nobody else to be affected, we decided to open the envelope and see how well she went! She got an A+ and we were all ecstatic, right until that front desk lady came and told us off. Even though there was absolutely NOBODY else waiting for their exams and it was JUST us – we were still not allowed to open the envelope because it was ‘her rule’. As a result, after each student came out of their exam, we would rush just past the door of the waiting room where ‘her rules’ applied, and open the envelope. The image is of a red-haired witch lady, which is how I imagine her! All in all, our students did extremely well – majority A+ and A results with a few B+ on the side! Yay! I’ve never experienced so many continually excellent results at the AMEB before!                                  *                                                        *                                       *

Back to reality – I was munching on some cashew nuts as my dinner, whilst doing my work of course, when one of our favourite mums came in with egg tarts from Bread Top! Being the lovely woman she is, she offered me one! I was going to take a picture of it – but it has already been demolished! 🙂


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