Planets align!

Has anyone had the opportunity to see the alignment of Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter?

You’d  have to wake up between 5-6am to get a glimpse of it! (too early right?)

Last Friday (the 13th!!) oooo unlucky 13! was when they aligned in the Southern Hemisphere sky for the first time in 101 years!!!

I found this out when one of the Friday guitar students told me! He had tried staying up to see it in the morning..but feel asleep..:(

So this week, and last weekend, I’ve been waking up at 5am to see if I can catch a glimpse…Picture this..freezing cold morning…me in my uggs and pjs walking outside…half asleep..waving my iphone in an 8 shape to calibrate the compass..and then finding east with it…hahaha I must have look like a zombie…:P

THE planets fell into alignment on Friday the 13th, make of that what you will. ALIGNED: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter aligned over the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in 101 years. Photo: BRUCE HEARNE AAP IMAGES.


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