Our new Doorbell

Has anybody noticed our new doorbell?

I didn’t! I carried it from the school all the way to where it hangs and didn’t even notice we had a dramatically new doorbell. By dramatically, I mean that it is a totally new doorbell! For the past year and a half, from my memory, we have had the same doorbell that has been replaced countless times (faulty K-Mart doorbells!) to the point where William was saying he must have spent $200 on doorbells! Even when I hang the doorbell, I place the cardboard backing carefully onto the side so that our students can find it easily! So, I guess that shows how well I concentrate on things when I am in a rush – it was 6.20pm when I realised the doorbell wasn’t out so I grabbed it and literally RAN! One of our new adult students seemed quite flustered at my abrupt exit and entrance. I had to explain our gate-closing-at-6pm-ish situation to him.

You can imagine my surprise when one of our mums commented on the doorbell – “You guy’s have a new doorbell ey?” and I was like “No, I think they just changed the tone”. I realised only after I brought in the doorbell (less than 20 minutes ago) that we had a brand spanking new doorbell! Thinking back, I realised she couldn’tve heard the sound since she was just walking into the school!


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