Autumn’s here!

Hi! How has your week been?
Have you noticed all the wonderful colours that autumn brings us?  A mixture of red, orange, yellow and brown….beautiful right?
I know many of us haven’t welcomed autumn because of the gale like winds and the sudden temperature drop.  It gets some getting used it!  It also got me thinking about “winter songs”..if that makes any sense.  If the weather had a soundtrack, what would it include?  How about Dean Martin’s “Baby, it’s cold outside” (1959)??.. Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” (1998)?..Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s “Snow” (2006)….or even Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” (1990)!!! haha
The closing date for the Monthly Stardom Competition – Guess the Teacher’s Age” will be closing on the 28th of May 2011! So I hope you’ve submitted your entries because the prizes include a $20 Myer Voucher for the student that gets all the answer correct! or Smiggle gifts for the 3 closest entries! Most of the students want the Smiggle gifts more than the voucher!!

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