ahahahaha!! hilarious start to the morning…

ahahahahahaha!!! Isabella, one of our piano teacher told me the most hilarious story ever!!!…I don’t know how we got the topic of comparing idiots from our uni classes(we go to the same uni, just different courses) but we did..!

During a recital last year, a violist from Isabella’s class was performing a really fast piece, and half way through it he suddenly stopped…he then proceeded to pull out a hanky from his pocket, wiped his forehead…then continued playing….ahahahahahha

Anyways..onto Shine Music News….Saturday! It’s been terribly busy this morning…last week and the week before that as well!…the parents have been laughing at how many times I’ve had to walk up and down the stairs to go and open the door for the students.  Some suggested that I should hire a doorman to do it…hahaha (i’m the doorwoman!)..I run downstairs to open the door for a student..walk up with them back into Shine Music and sit down on my seat..then get back up again 1 second later because another student has arrived.  Hahaha picture me doing that non stop for an hour…phew*



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