Practice for Yummy Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs!

Shine Music is running a “Practice Promotion”!!  It’s easy!  Just practice a minimum of 4 times each week for at least 15 minutes from the 30th of May till the 18th of June, get mum or dad’s signature and you’ve go yourself a free Chocolate egg! yay!!…haha it’s more like a bribe to jump start their motivation to practice! but it’s working!

Cadbury Creme Egg Practice sheets are available at the front desk if you haven’t gotten one already!

Quick! Quick! before I eat all the yummy eggs!!

Shine Music School’s Practice Tips:

1. Practice at the same time everyday to make it a habit

2. Turn off the TV, iPods, computers when you practice

3. Go to the toilet, get a drink and eat something before you practice.

4. Read carefully the homework that is set out by your teacher

5. Spend time fixing up mistakes or difficult areas in small sections rather than trying to skim over them

6. Practice slowly!

7. Take a break only after 20 minutes of practice

8. Practice new pieces and old pieces for revision

9. Practice technical work and also pieces

10.  Use a pencil to write out any notes that will help you practice or perform better

Look at what the hens laid specially for the Shine Music students!

Isn’t that the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen??!! A bucket full of Cadbury Creme Eggs! yummm 🙂


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