Friday friday friday…:)

Fridays are the bestest besty best day of the week to work@ Shine! Fridays have the funniest mums and students!
I was sitting down at the desk typing away and Lea, one of Kaylie’s students wanted to play Hangman! So everyone in the waiting room joined in! Lea chose the hardest word ever! I haven’t played music in about 6-7 years! and I can’t remember most of the things I learned back then but everyone else knew what it was except me…Felt like such an idiot..but finally I guess it! HAH! after probably 15-20 minutes…..:( Anyways the word was: Ritardando — less gradual slowing down (more sudden decrease in tempo than rallentando)

One of our Piano teachers Isabella (I talked about her in one the previous blogs..well she was on her prac (she has been all week). For those who don’t know what prac, it’s when university students who are studying to be teachers go out to a school and test out their skills…anyways! She’s had a lockdown drill today!!…scenario: Someone threatens a student or the school, and they lockdown the school. Students and teachers are confined to their classrooms, they close the blinds and find somewhere to hide. Even though this was a drill, no-one told the teachers, so they thought it was real! Isabella was telling us that one of the students were crying..others were taking it as a joke…but if it had been real…:(
I myself, have never experienced such a thing! only fire drills..but Isabella had a proper lockdown back when she was in high school when a hobo went crazy outside her school!…hehehehe

anyways! thats all from me tonight!~


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