Creme Eggs & Korean Foods!!! Yumm…

Has everybody heard about our Cadbury Creme Egg promotion for practicing? William came up with a brilliant idea to motivate students to continually practice throughout the week! Students (hopefully everybody has received a form by now, if not just ask at the front desk!) need to practice at least 4 times throughout the week, and get your parent to sign their signature onto our form!

Now, we front desk girls may always be seen busily typing away and staring at our computer screens (or is that just me?! Jane seems friendlier than I am), but occasionally we can be quite helpful! Today I helped one of our students with her homework assignment – handily on Korea. For those of you who don’t know, I am Korean and I also love Korean food! For quite a long period of time, I captivated both the student and her mother on all of the characteristics of Korean food ~ including the numerous ‘ban chan’ side dishes, the special methods of ‘kim chi’ (fermented spicy cabbage) and some of my favourite Korean dishes! I went into detail about each specialty named above, showed her images from Google and suggested all of these things she could talk about! After a very long and heated discussion about Korean food and even Lebanese food (I was asking advice from them), I found out that she only needed to talk for a minute…I probably gave her enough information to give a 1 hour lecture!;;;


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