Yes!! The long weekend is finally here! yay! an extra day of sleeping in and relaxing at home *sigh*…wait! aww poor parents will still be up in the wee hours chasing and cleaning up after their kids! 😦 Oh dear!
Working at the front desk, I understand a little bit what goes on at home! It’s sometimes hard to get the kids under control! Most of the Fridays at Shine…well you’d probably mistake the waiting room as a ZOO!…we’ve got a group huddled around my desk playing hangman, girls sitting at the kids table colouring in princesses and mums & dads taking micro-naps! hehehe but it’s always good fun! Just now, one of our piano students forgot to bring her music books! and had to do..ehh roughly 100 star jumps as punishment…quite entertaining for the parents downstairs! Parents were telling their kids, “thats what happens when you don’t practice or forget your books!” haha

There’s never a quiet moment at Shine! There’s always students having their lessons, playing the saxophone, or doing vocal exercises! parents and students chatting in the waiting room, making new friends!

It’s really a great atmosphere:)


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