I’ve got the Star Wars Theme song stuck in my head!

ahhhhh! it’s driving me nutz!
dum dum dum….dum da dum,dum da dum…*higher* dum dum dum dum da dum….i’m even swaying my head to this tune….sigh*

One of our guitar students is sitting in front of me attempting the “how many ‘boggle’s can you find” competition (our June Stardom competition)! So far he’s doing a pretty good job! He’s found 7 in the last minute and a half! speedy!
The most that someone has found so far is 30! 30 boggling boogles! Just looking at the find-a-word makes my eyes spin….:P

Well here I am on a Thursday!…it’s been ages since I’ve worked on a Thursday! One of the piano teacher only works on Thursdays, and I’ve seen her maybe once or twice since I’ve worked here!

oooo one of our adult students has come to collect a chocolate caramel egg for practicing!!! hehehe she’s actually really funny! She plays the Bass Guitar, and she’s been practicing heaps to avoid marking Business and Economic essays!! Ahhh I see that procrastinating doesn’t fade with age (Not saying she’s old!)

Well thats all from me today. I’ve actually finished the blog at the beginning of my shift! A first for me! yay!

and that song is still stuck in my head…dum dum dum dum da dum dum da dum….grrrrrrrrrr…:(


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