Youtube! I’m hooked!

I’ve never been a fan of youtube clips until today!
Daniel, one of William’s piano students and I were chatting about how he doesn’t like Rachel’s personality from Glee! so random! then he told me about the youtube sensation Sam Tsui and that he had originally auditioned for glee! but didn’t get in 😦 He told me to go to youtube and watch a cover of “Just a dream” (Nelly) sung by Christine Grimmie and Sam Tsui. OMG! They’re fantastic! I can’t listen to the original version of the song anymore Tsui and Grimmie’s version is heaps better!
I don’t normally listen to music while I’m working..well other than the singing/piano/guitar/drum/violin lessons going on, but I’ve been listening to a whole playlist of Sam Tsui songs! Such a great voice…
If you get a chance, hop onto youtube and listen to his versions of:
1. “Hold it against me” Britney Spears
2. “Jar of Hearts” Christina Perri
3. “If i die young” The Band Perry
4. “Imagine” John Lennon


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