grrrr! the keyboard (computer) is playing up!

Have you noticed the humongous computer screen hovering on the feedback box the front desk?
You can barely see me because I’m so darn short and this screen is really..”gianting” – made up a new word:) over me!…I am a little worried that in the unlikely event of an earthquake it’s gonna knock me unconcious and make me an amnesiac!…haha! yeh right!
Anyways! our super new computer is awesome! 🙂 super speedy! so now you won’t see me verballing abusing it anymore!
Announcements! ->> We’re extending our “Practice for Yummy Creme Eggs” Promotion! The teachers have been telling me how they’ve noticed a huge change in their students lessons because they were practicing! yay! Hopefully they’ll get in the habit of practicing atleast 15 minutes everyday (or almost everyday)! just like writing your homework spelling words everyday!
So the front desk will be handing out practice sheets this weeks, so don’t forget to get yours, and practice!

mmm like Creme Eggs!


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