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Phew! The beginning of Term 3 has gone so quickly! It’s already the third week of Term 3 and I haven’t had a chance to blog about the comings and goings of Shine! 😦 Well lets start with welcoming two new teacher plus one new front desk girl to Shine!

Aimee Vozzo – Super nice and talented Clarinet and Saxophone teacher!!

Virginia Botha – Piano Prodigy who’s currently studying at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney!! oOoOoOoOo!!!

Alexis Kim – Studies Commerce/Law at UNSW!..SUPER SUPER SMART!

Oh My Goodness!! I just went outside to hang the doorbell and I was attacked my pigeons :'(..okay well almost attacked!!! I must have really looked like an idiot to the woman standing across the road! There were 4 piegeons standing on the beam above the driveway staring at me with their beady little eyes waiting to get me in the right place before their poop on me!…HAH! so there I was in the drive way, manoveuring around the pooping hotspots…like a crab mind you! then running back inside like a crazy person!

We’ve got our second round of AMEB exams coming up in early November! Our students and teachers are hard at work practicing diligently to ace their exams! yay!

hmmmm….well thats all from me today…:)


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