If you visit us on Fridays, you’ll notice that the waiting room is filled with laughter….like hyenas…(ever seen Lion King? Yes…those Hyenas)
The students are crowded around my desk, and we’re all attempting to play hangman as quietly as possible…but it can’t be done. We might start off quiet, but we escalate and start shouting out letters, or attempts at the mystery word..and end up in a fit of giggles and laughter when we finally solve the word, maybe because hangman’s face looks so sad:( and because whoever drew on his hair made it look like he’s been electrocuted!
Two of our Year 7 students were flicking through our desktop sign calender-like thing (see photo) and cracking up at a particular one. Cedric read one in particular..and he didn’t find it funny until he read the fine print at the bottom! hahaha…
When it’s time for them to go into their lessons, or their parents have come to pick them up…the waiting room is like a deserted town…with Tumbleweek (the ball of hay you often see in cowboy movies) rolling past!…After total silence for about 5 minutes, Gloria’s mum said…”gosh..it’s so quiet!”..ahahaha it’s rare moments like this that I can fully concentrate on work!…:P But they keep me very entertained!

Here’s a photo of one of the signs….i love working here..but take a look! 🙂


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