Make it Rain!

There has been an absence of me from our Shine blogs for awhile now, only the fascinatingly interesting words and stories of Jane and Alexis (our new front desk girl!). Understandable, as I have been sitting here for the past 15 minutes procrastinating. For the first time in awhile, I have managed to finish EVERYTHING that I have needed to do! Actually, I can think of a few other things right now…but I will update our readers with my blog. For the first time in a loooonnngggg time, I am back here on a Friday (only for today!). As Jane has been here consistently every Friday for this entire year, it is no suprise that every parent and student has asked about Jane today – worried that she is sick, or what has happened. Rest assured, I have told everyone that Jane will be back next week, as per usual! Little things like this make it so nice here, with the whole sense of community that seems to be lacking everywhere else lately. Many little things here and there all add up: the dad waiting for his daughter to finish her piano lesson, mentions a rather large and interesting centipede he saw a few days ago – the relevance is that one of our other students (who is similarly waiting for her younger sister to finish her piano lesson) is a collector of fasciating insects!
She has two stick insects, a centipede… and I’ve actually forgotten what else she said. I was too shocked by the idea of this sweet young girl owning such…insects – personally I am one of those who scream and jump at the sight of any large insect-like beings, whilst preferring the cuddly soft kittens and puppies!

This entire conversation was interupted here and there by a large number of other conversations – the teacher sitting with us (whilst waiting for her students to arrive) was the center of attention as everyone was trying to tell her their stories; another one of our amicable young students was very enthusiastically trying to tell us his stories, which included farting during a family member’s funeral, daring us to dare him to hold his breath for 20 minutes in exchange for Shine Fun Dollars (which were refused to him by his teacher today as he had NOT practised!), and even assisting me in counting another student’s Shine Fun Dollars ($1490 in total) whilst very openly saying that he will take some in exchange for this assistance! LOL! All in all today has been a very interesting shift filled with interesting and sometimes shocking conversations and stories.
One of our student’s who has handed in his $1490 – carefully saved up after much practising and praise from his teacher: make it rain!!!


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