Black Hawk Down!

We’ve had a super exciting week here at Shine!!…
We’ve had black hawk/army helicopters buzzing above us, and according to Max (violin teacher) who was driving into work, he saw soldiers repelling down from the helicopters with guns strapped to their backs!!! HOW COOLLLL!!! The army drills happen 3 times a year I think, to prepare for a terroist attack? or something like that!
and just today, there were 3 police vehicles parked outside the street, in front of the Aird Street Car Park entrance, and according to a parent and students, police raced into the car park with bulletproof vests and guns….so here I sat, at the front desk with 2 parents staring out the window, hoping for some action!…but for 30 minutes…NOTHING!

During that half hour, whenever the doorbell rang, I raced downstairs, to see if anything was happening outside…I have limited view from my nice window…:P

After a while, 2 of the 3 police cars left, and then 2 police officers + 1 teenage girl appears, and she was taken away!…
hmm I wonder if all the bulletproof vests and guns were necessary to find that one girl? :S

There was also a pink limousine hummer that was parked infront of the police car..and Cheryl, mother of one of our piano students said…”Hey Look! That’s Jane’s car!!” hehehehe YUP!


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