Funny Hats and Tiny Towers

It was a pretty chillaxed Thursday here with nothing too extravagant happening until Gianel walked in with her funky hat! It was mufti day at her school apparently. And yes, the little blue thing spins around like a helicopter propellor! She could fly away wearing that hat hahahaha. She was also telling me how she got stopped today at Westfield because supposedly she looked a lot older. It’s cause she’s tall which is a good thing! Better than your face looking old… sigh.
Gianel and I both have the same taste when it comes to iPhone game apps and had a heated discussion about how addicted we are to Tiny Tower!

It’s a game where you get to build a tower with apartments and shops inside and you let ‘bitizens’ live inside and work at the shops. The bitizens even have their own facebook page where they post statuses too! A highly addictive game, so watch out before you get into it! Let’s not let a virtual game replace our real lives, cause then it just gets sad… 😦
Thursday’s moral of the day – more funny hats and less virtual games! 😀


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One response to “Funny Hats and Tiny Towers

  1. Glad I wasn’t the only one to get addicted to Tiny Tower! I just finished it after just over 6 months … I’m quite horrified by all that wasted time!

    We have the same blog template though 😀 clearly we both have great taste 😉

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