Unit or flat? what?

10:20am: It’s busy this morning! I’ve been constantly running down the stairs to open the door for students and parents, and haven’t had a chance to sit down on my comfy chair! haha
It’s pretty crowded in the waiting room! All the seats are taken, so one of the dads is sitting on one of the yellow kid stools! He looked a little nervous when he first sat down…testing to see whether it would hold his weight..but now he looks pretty comfy playing on his iPhone with his son.

2:05pm: Okay…finally it’s a little quieter now! phew* I’ve been rushing around like a mad chicken for the last few hours! Just then, I was having a conversation with the mother and father of a piano student, and somehow we got into a debate about the different between a unit and a flat. The dad is insisting that a flat has one brick wall separating you and the neighbours, and a unit is double bricked…:S so of course, I jumped onto google to settle the arguments and yahoo’s answer section said:

All flats are units, but not all units are flats.

A flat unually refers to a building where the units are stacked on top of each other and occupy an entire floor. So if you have a downstairs neighbor and your unit takes up the entire 2nd floor, then you are living in a flat.

Units can be side by side or any arrangement. A flat refers to the fact that the units are stacked like pancakes.

I’m still a little confused:S…


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