Interesting Visitors today!

Things I love about Fridays:
1. Catching up with all the kids!
2. Listening to kids playing the saxophone while I work
3. Chatting to parents about really random what do I feed my dogs? (Answer: Chicken bones because they’ve gotten sick of the dried and can food!)
4. Stay as quiet as possible while parents take a nap! zzzzzZzZzZz
5. Cringe while a flute student discusses creepy crawly insects with a saxophone student and her dad.

One of our saxophone student’s brought in some very special guests today!!! Introducing the Spiny Leaf Insect and Stick Insect. They came into the school holding a plastic tank with what looked like leaves and sticks in it. Of course I had to ask…what it was! silly me! I almost had a heart attack when I saw something that looked like a scorpion move….! Luckily not a scorpion!

One of our flute students brings in her little sister for her piano lesson and believe me when I say this, she is the biggest insect lover I know!! and probably will ever know! She started describing what happens when an Australian scorpion stings you…then the tarantula, and the saxophone student’s dad said nothing compares to the sting of a platypus!…Those who have been stung by a platypus would rather get bitten by a snake…! ewwww…:( Who knew Platypus’s have sharp claws? or something like that! You learn something new every day!

The waiting room got quite excited meeting our new guests…and had to come see for themselves what all the fuss was about. They returned to their seats ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing and even a few of the parents!


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