Maree’s been put in the naughty corner!

Fabulous weather today!! Great day for the beach!
Some of our students were invited to play at the Yates Avenue School Fete! I was lucky enough to be able to go and watch them play:) Each and every one of them were fantastic! One of our piano students was so nervous, I thought she might make a mistake, but nope! She played perfectly! Such a proud moment 🙂 We had 4 violinists as well as a flute and singing student! All the parents were snapping photos and recording the performance!! woo hoo!
I’ll be uploading some photos of the performance soon, so keep a look out!
Oh look, Maree, one of our piano student’s mum has wandered off towards the window because she isn’t getting any reception to get onto Facebook!! hehehe so funny
Look! now she’s leaning against the window because she’s gotten 6 bars..
wait! now she’s gone to get a chair…
It looks as though she’s been sent to the naughty corner…I couldn’t help myself! I had to take photos to show you all!


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