Yates Avenue School Fete

As promised, here are some snaps from the Yates Avenue School Fete. Some of our students were invited to perform there last Saturday, and they were wonderful!! 🙂

Azura playing the flute beautifully! Mum and Dad + little sister were very excited to see her perform!

Angelene looking a little nervous, but she played perfectly! 🙂 very very proud mum watching on!

Gianel and Daena, performing Pachelbel’s Canon on the Violin. Beautiful:)

Here is Franco looking very serious! and handsome in his suit! This amazing little guy memorized his song! woohoo!! His parents were so proud!!

Look! It’s Dallas! She’s looks so cute! Her very proud mum, aunty and grandparents came to cheer her on! me too!! 🙂 She’s been practising very hard with Max and it all paid off!

*drum roll* Presenting Lynda Sanders!! Lynda sang two songs that afternoon! Little kids were mesmerized and came to sit on the ground infront of where she was performing! yay! go lynda!

PHEW! WHAT A DAY!!! we had some…technical difficulties throughout the day, but we bulldozed through it and came through alive! I, at one point was running around like a headless chicken panicking because the speaker wasn’t working but Lynda, our MC kept her cool!
A big Thank you to all the parents and students, and LYNDA! for an amazing day:) All of you were FANTASTIC!!


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