Free Redbull!!!!

Only if you were here before 3:30pm today! Haha, sorry if I disappointed you 😛

Today those Redbull girls came by to hand out free redbull!! They gave us like 10 free ones, but William hoarded them away even before I could snag a photo of the beautiful collection.

Max (violin teacher on the left) was very happy about the free Redbull, but he forgot to grab one before William took them away too. Hahahaha!!

So, energy drinks.

I have many friends that survive days after days on energy drinks instead of sleep. Especially with uni assignments and exams and late night cramming (highly not recommended). Personally I’m not a huge energy drink person – I’ve had one half can of redbull in my entire life.
I’m more of a coffee person, purely because I’m just so highly sophisticated.

Hahaha jokes, I’m quite the opposite of sophisticated.

Thursday’s moral of the day!
Don’t get too addicted to caffeine drinks – they’re not too good for your body.
What are you guys more into? Energy drinks OR coffee?


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