catching up!

Hi all!
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the new term!
Janet’s missing in action today, so I’m manning the front desk at Shine! which has given me a chance to catch up with all the parents and students!! They’ve been telling me what they were doing over the school holidays…and for some of them who are starting YEAR 12 this term…sharing horror stories with them….hahaha naaa i’m joking!
But it’s been great fun today!
My favourite! I caught up with the princess that I blogged about a weeks? maybe a month ago? the one who was all blinged up, with a tiara headband? yes! she just celebrated her 1st birthday a week, or 2 ago? ssoooo gorgeous! she was waving hello to me (waving like the queen! btw) and blowing kisses my way! awwwwwwww >< so sweet!!!
anyways…hsc!…good luck to all you year 12 students sitting the exam right now! might i mention that you should not be on facebook reading our rivetting *haha* blogs…study study study! it will all be over soon:) good luck!
till next time!


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