The perils of being short!

sigh* i’m nursing my bruised head!…and maybe a slight concussion…ahahaha
I was doing a stock check in the back room, so we could order some more folders and scrap books for our students…and I spotted a box of business cards on the top shelf!…Since we were running low, of course I had to reach on my tippy toes to try and get a hold of them..and guess what..half the shelf attacked me…:(
hahahaha first it was the folders, then a pile of scrapbooks…and then eventually that box of business cards!….and then i noticed the small stool at the bottom of the shelf…………………..uh huh! i know what you’re all thinking….tsk tsk tsk….ahaahaha

ohhh!! check out our facebook page for a photo of Gloria’s little finger puppet…it’s so cute…:)


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