Welcome back!!!! Can’t wait to see you all!

Welcome back everyone!

I am sooooo glad to be back at work! I spent pretty much all of my holidays annoying my dogs, sleeping and staring at the ceiling at the ceiling. I was so bored I thought i might go a little nuts!

The most exciting thing that happened to me during the holidays was taking a road trip with some friends and lazying by the beach!

Some of the students I talked with were lucky enough to holiday on the Gold Coast and visit Movie World and Sea World! So Jealous!

Since it is only my 3rd day back, I’m sure there are a lot more holiday stories to be heard:) and will keep you all updated!

This term, we’re lucky to have a few new teachers with us!

Beata Eckerman: Piano teacher – big fan of Yiruma (one of his most famous songs is: River Flows in You) Super nice!

Sunhae Oh: Piano Teacher – She’s multitalented! She’s got a degree in fine arts as well as music! (alot of time spent at uni!)

Samantha Knutsford: Cello Teacher – Studies at the super competitve Sydney Conservatorium of Music! and is an avid traveller! She’s been to India, Nepal, Egypt and many other countries in South East Asia!

Tatyana Lukich: woo hoo Tat’s back! I’m such many of you remember her from a year ago.  She took a break to concentrate on her studies and now she’s back teaching violin!


Well that’s all from me today! I’m feeling a little hungry so I think i’ll go and chomp of one of William’s chocolate chip cookies:D


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