Thursday minutes

Date: Thursday 8th March
Weather: Extremely bipolar
Venue: Shine Music School

Subject: Commentary on what happened this particular Thursday.

  • Our two singing students Michael and Mikayla and their younger sister were very busy taking lessons, doing reading with their mum and entering the colouring competition. They’re always full of energy. I hope I was that energetic when I was young.
  • New students always get lost so once again I had use my heroic powers to save struggling a lost student and their family. They successfully got here in one piece for their lesson.
  • Our young clarinet student Sunwoo enquired in detail about the prizes available for redemption of Shine Dollars. He seemed keen on the Nintendo DS prizes which need $1490 Shine dollars. Unfortunately he’s still quite a long way away sitting at $25. No wonder he seemed a lot more quiet than usual. However after his lesson he moved up into the hundreds. More the reason to keep practising!
  • Sunwoo’s grandmother asked whether there was an age limit to learning an instrument – she seems rather keen. You can never stop learning! 🙂
  • Crystal’s mum was telling me about how their washing machine broke down and she had to hand wash the laundry and hang them in front of the fireplace. Very old-school style.
  • Clarinet student Florence came this week her eye looking a lot better. It had been quite infected last week and apparently she used it to threaten her teacher Wayne haha. Of course in a non-serious way. Anyway it was good to know that her eye got better.  She was saying how it better have cause she paid like a $100 to see the doctor’s.
    Florence was also telling me about how she dealt with her son not wanting to practise piano. She told him that if he didn’t want to she’d sell the piano the net day. He replied, ‘NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’ Parents, reverse psychology could work for you in this way. But beware, does not work on all kids. You may get the response ‘YESSSSS! JUST SELL IT!’
  • We have a suggestions box that I put out last week and got some interesting feedback. Comfy chairs, refrigerators and payrises were among some of the suggestions we got.
  • Had a very deep and meaningful chat with Hayley, our singing teacher about what it feels like to grow old….
  • 7:30pm is when all the young and adorable students arrive. They definitely brighten the place up.

As the day winds up, I can say that it’s been quite a peaceful Thursday without any huge drama happening. Thank goodness 🙂


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