Really loving work!

I love coming to work! I know a lot of people will disagree with me…I mean..who likes going to work? you’ve got to work after all! but I love it!!

I get to spend a few hours doing a bit of paperwork while playing and talking with the students.  There’s always something different going on every day!  Today, Becky (William’s most adorable piano student!!) was showing me where her tooth fell out and where another one was wobbly!  I asked her if the tooth fairy had come to visit her yet, but sadly she said no…well not yet! I was just talking to her mum and she told me that the tooth fairy will be visiting her tonight…hehehe and now her younger sister is colouring in a barbie picture!

Yesterday, is a little crazier than the other days I work.  Most of the Friday students are quite young so they love to colour in.  They’re also very helpful when I’m decorating the school.  They love to help stick up picture, colour in decorations and keep me entertained.  They can get a little bit too excited, so I need to bribe them with lollies to keep quiet.  The hard part is keeping them from eating the lolly before their music lessons, otherwise they’ll go hyper….and the teachers won’t be happy..hahaha…

Tuesday….also another favourite day of mine!  There are a pair of absolutely gorgeous twins! I wasn’t here this Tuesday, but they brought in their Stardom colouring competition..and both their entries are sooo cute!!!! They stuck some cotton wool as the tail and drew a beautiful grassy area for their rabbits. There are so many wonderful students on Tuesday! I always look forward to catching up with everyone! My Tuesdays always end with a gossip session between me and the mums:)

So there you go! You’d like to work at Shine too right?


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