Start my morning off with some Beethoven

I’m sitting at the front desk sipping my very very hot coffee whilst listening to Daniel play Moonlight Sonata (movement 3)! i was barely conscious when I took a big gulp of my coffee and now my tongue and throat are burnt…:( 

so!! back to business!! We’ve currently holding a EASTER EGG HUNT!!!  The kids (and parents) have coloured in some Easter Eggs for me and i’ve stuck them around the school!!! I’ve hidden some under tables, behind chairs, on chairs, windows, ceiling (i had some help with this!), doors and walls!

So how is works is that the kids have to go around the school, counting all the coloured eggs and have to quietly tell me how many they found, and if they’ve found all the eggs they receive a chocolate bunny!!! 🙂 yum yum yummy!!!

I bought almost 50 eggs at once, and when I was going through the checkout, the ‘checkout’ lady looked at me weirdly, probably thinking to herself that I’d go into a full blown sugar coma by the end…hahahaImage

So far! 32 students have found all the hidden easter eggs!

How many can you find in the photo below?




We’ve also got a new addition to our computer monitor decoration….err team?

Zahra (younger sister of Sophia, one of our piano students) gave me her sister’s Chipette! So now we have Kitty Softpaws and the Golden Goose from Puss in Boots and Chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks!



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