The Tuesday students were lucky to have access to the communal chocolates at the front desk today! Thank you to Luna, our violin student who is leaving 😦
However Max (our star violin teacher) hopped out of his room every 30 minutes to grab one so I think in the end he ate the most.

What is it about chocolate that makes it so special?

Maybe it’s to do with the mysterious Cacao bean that originated from South America, which is now mainly harvested from West Africa! (Hey, I actually remember the stuff I learn at uni)
The bean itself is actually extremely bitter – but mixed with  the right proportion of sugar and other ingredients – it makes beautiful chocolate!

Think you’re a true chocolate lover?

Try 100% cacao chocolate and we’ll see how many of you will still be saying that.

Personally I’m a milk chocolate lover – so nothing over 50% goes down with me well haha.

What’s the strongest percentage you’ve gone?



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2 responses to “Chocolate

  1. Ingrid Schraner

    100% in a sauce on chicken, absolutely delicious. Been searching for this 100% block you have in the picture – can you get this here?!?

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