The Friday experience

WIth university exams plaguing us poor front desk people, we’ve been having some major shift swaps recently.

I normally come in on Thursdays but had the wonderful pleasure of taking Jane’s usual Friday place at the desk.

Hence, I got to experience the Friday experience.

6 of our students and their siblings were involved in intense hide and seek games (which I didn’t even know was possible in this place). As I tried to get some of my work done I had little people hiding under my feet, the room behind me and every other place possible for a small person to fit

Then they hunted out a three week old leftover Pringles container and demolished the remains after checking the expiry date was far away in 2013.

Afterwards they marvelled at the fact I printed out an envelope from the printer. Because receptionists can print out anything from the printer – it’s a power that comes along.

On top of all that,One of our student’s younger brother was extremely disappointed at the fact a bouncy ball he was given to play with three weeks ago which added to the intensity.

Before I knew it the whirlwind of madness was over and then it became too silent.

Overall, it was a mighty interesting experience. I highly recommend that everyone has a go sitting at the front desk on Friday.


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