Funny Wednesday kids

There are a few interesting students that come into Shine on Wednesdays. Let me introduce two of the most interesting ones!


Abhay, our 4 year old piano student was telling me about the woes of his life as he waited for his older brother to finish his lesson. As he coloured in dinosaurs he told me about the difficulties of being the youngest in the family.
“You know, I think that my parents are going to move me to another family. Yep”
I tried to convince him that they were just joking but he seemed pretty set that there’s a secret conspiracy in his family to shoo him out.

Adrian, our recorder student is one of the funniest kids I’ve met here at Shine. He’s always full of energy and words! 🙂
Today he kindly gave his mum a sticker (that he got from me) before kindly demanding another one for himself.
That sticker later ended up in the bin for some reason.

Looking forward to more young Wednesday quirkiness!


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