Are YOU the next big star?


There’s always an audition program on TV.

Recently the first series of The Voice Australia finished and now they’ve started the next series of X-Factor. Unsure as to what happened with Australian Idol and I think they’re still searching on Australia’s Got Talent.

I always wondered whether they’d run out of talented people in Australia to fill up the contestant spots on the shows. I mean there’s only so many talented people one country can pump out…. or maybe they can.

I gotta say though the shows are pretty inspirational – makes me wanna audition and become the next One Directio- heheheh no not really.

“Why not wanna be like us?”

Apparently One Direction were eliminated individual contestants from the British X-Factor and then brought together as one team by the genius hand of Simon Cowell. Then history was written.

If you’re not feeling the big spotlights and cameras in your face, I guess you could opt for the slightly more do-it-from home method and become discovered like Justin Bieber.

“It all started from YouTube”

Little Bieber started when he was little-ler by posting videos on YouTube then got hitched with a record deal with the help of Usher and released that annoy- I mean catchy song “Baby baby baby WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHH baby baby baby NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH“. Now he’s huge and now there are Beliebers all around the world.

Maybe you’re talented enough to not need any extra publicity and its your music that gains the attention before your face. One of my current favourite artists fit this mould, in the form of UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Either way I wonder if any Shine students will be blaring out of the radios or flooding out of the TV sometime in the future 🙂


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